In 2009, we opened our state-of-the-art cremation service facility to funeral professionals in Northeast Ohio. We worked incessantly for over two years to create a facility that is warm, inviting, and approachable to which funeral professionals would bring families with pride rather than discomfort or unease. With cremation becoming a mainstream method of disposition, we are seeing a huge increase in cremation families taking advantage of the opportunity to accompany their funeral professional to our facility to experience a meaningful final tribute and farewell to their loved ones. Keeping these trends at the forefront of our planning, we realized our goal of providing funeral professionals and their families a facility that would accommodate their needs whilst providing the highest level of service, comfort, and compassion as family members begin to move through the grieving process.

Additionally, we offer a unique option that enables family members to directly take part in the cremation process by using a remote start key; this allows a family member to begin the cremation process from inside our intimate viewing room that has a warm, inviting, family room feel. A flat-screen TV in the room is connected to our server and enables the viewing of photos or a memorial video during the viewing ceremony if one was created for the family.

Cremation Services

Ohio Vault Works Crematory utilizes top-of-the-line cremation equipment, computer systems, and refrigeration units. In addition to having the ability to service funeral professionals and their families in a dignified manner, our ability to maintain our day-to-day cremation operations without interruption, even during private viewings and faith-based ceremonies, is a value-added benefit our facility offers. Our frequently updated equipment and technology allow us the flexibility to accommodate a myriad of circumstances; therefore, we are able to offer greater flexibility of viewing ceremony times and the ability to simultaneously continue our necessary flow of cremations for our funeral home customers, ensuring the timely return of cremated remains. The computer systems utilized on our machines assist us in monitoring each cremation with extreme detail at any particular moment during the process. Our walk-in refrigeration units are large and utilize roller racks to ensure loved ones in our care are handled with ease and respect at all times. One of our most valued pieces of equipment in our facility is our autoloader; it permits our crematory operators the ability to provide our customers a higher level of service, especially during viewing ceremonies, as it mechanically places the deceased into the cremation chamber in a much more dignified and safe manner than the operator manually pushing the deceased remains into the cremation chamber.

We highly recommend all funeral professionals to visit our facility at any time during our operating hours. We welcome drop-in visits from our customers or any funeral professional interested in our services; it is always our pleasure to take the time to show you our paperwork, processes, cremators, refrigeration and storage area, processing station, viewing room, and the overall cleanliness of our entire facility. We take great pride in having all areas of our facility clean at all times and treating the loved ones in our care as we would our own family.

We are pleased to provide the following services for our funeral home customers:
          • Cremation services (including casketed, overweight, fetal, youth, infant, and body parts)

          • Human remains pick up and transport to our crematory from the funeral home

          • Storage and refrigeration of human remains prior to cremation

          • A warm, inviting place for family to gather for a viewing or small ceremony

          • Corrugated alternative containers for cremation, air trays for shipping casketed human remains and combo units for shipping human remains

          • Full line of cremation products and engraving services

          • Due Diligence Package that contains detailed information funeral homes are expected to be familiar with regarding the crematory they use to provide cremation services for their families

          • Cremation forms that are continually updated when new laws go into effect

          • Resources you may utilize and a brochure detailing our facility and containing frequently asked questions to have on hand for your families when making arrangements.